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Poster Outreach Project

The Poster Outreach Project is designed to help a teacher and class produce an attractive large-format poster of their work which will be displayed in various locations within their community.

The project encourages the teacher to take classroom studies into the greater community with the support of the Vernal Pool Association. The teacher's students investigate vernal pool organisms and ecology, produce graphic and written observations, and send these materials to the VPA. Students at the VPA edit the text for biological accuracy, scan the artwork, and produce a large format poster. The original students and teacher edit and approve the proof copy of the poster. Seven copies of the poster are printed by the VPA and sent to the participating teacher. The class and teacher keep two posters for school use and place the other five posters in the community in libraries, town halls, nature centers, medical centers,etc.
This project has been done successfully by all elementary and middle school grades. The greatest number of our participating classes have been grade 5 and grade 7. If you have an interest in participating in this project, click on the links to the right.

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The Poster Outreach Project is sponsored in part by the MA Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program