A Field Guide to the Animals
of Vernal Pools

The Field Guide is a cooperative effort between the MA Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program and the Vernal Pool Association to produce a pictorial guide which will help students and others to easily identify the vertebrates and invertebrates which are commonly found in vernal pools in Massachusetts. The guide was reprinted June, 2009, with a few minor changes.
The guide contains photographs of all reptiles and amphibians of Massachusetts as well as accounts of the amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates commonly encountered at New England vernal pools. Each account provides a description of the organism and information about its natural history in relation to vernal pools.
View a sample in pdf format of the wood frog pages and an invertebrate page.

Copies are available at $12 from the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. They also have quantity discounts is you wish to purchase 50 or more copies.

The Vernal Pool Association does not sell single copies. We do sell classroom sets (20 or more) for $5 each plus shipping. These "educational copies" are marked "not for resale" and only available to educational institutions.
field guide cover