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Links to Other Sites

Vern surfs the Web.

There are several web sites about vernal pools or vernal pool organisms. We have tried to list some we think might be useful. This list is not complete but a great place to go after you have been through our web site.

If you know of other web sites about vernal pools, their organisms, or protection that we should include, let us know.
In general, we do not link to commercial sites unless there is content of particular value.

Descriptions in quotes are taken from the website being listed. Other comments are by the Vernal Pool Association.

Information by region:

Rhode Island Vernal Pools "All about Rhode Island vernal pools, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. Current research and research methods of vernal pools in Rhode Island." Excellent photography, great information, and interesting updates on vernal pool research at the University of Rhode Island.

Cape Ann (MA) Vernal Pond Team "The Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team was established and began locating and certifying vernal ponds in 1990 as a joint venture with the New England Herpetological Society." The CAVPT specializes in educating the public about the vernal pools of Cape Ann, MA.

Upper Susquehanna Coalition Vernal Pool Program "The Upper Susquehanna Coalition (USC)is a network of county natural resource professionals who develop strategies, partnerships, programs and projects to protect the headwaters of the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds." Lots of information, photography and a substantial list of references, both in print and on-line.

Ontario Vernal Pool Association "It is our hope that this website will help connect those naturalists, professionals, and academics that share an interest in the environment, vernal pools, ephemeral wetlands, and their flora and fauna." Nice information and photography. The OVPA makes an effort to protect local vernal pools and educate the public.

Seasonal Pools Registry for Pennsylvania "The Pennsylvania Seasonal Pools Registry is a citizen-based program to document locations of seasonal pools. We are relying on volunteer participants to submit information about where seasonal pools are located and what animals are using the pools."

Wetland Connections "Wetland Connections is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study and monitoring of wetlands by students and private citizens." Contains some interesting information about Maine wetlands including vernal pools and bogs.

Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership "The mission of the Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership is to encourage community-based conservation of vernal pools in Ohio through education, partnerships, science, and (re)discovery of our natural world." Their Monitoring Program section has a download for the Ohio Supplement to the Field Guide to Vernal Pools.

Kansas Vernal Pool Society "The Kansas Vernal Pool Society is a group of individuals who share a common interest in the plant and animal communities unique to Vernal Pool habitats in Kansas. The purpose of the Society is to promote a better public awareness, understanding, and knowledge of this specialized habitat and to document the identification and distribution of obligate and facultative species." This a small group that started in 2007. According to their president, they have already discovered two species of fairy shrimp never before recorded in Kansas. One is an entirely new species yet to be described.

Virginia's Vernal Pools "Dedicated to promoting awareness, conservation, and research for Virginia's Vernal Pool wetlands and their unique natural resource."

Climate change and ephemeral pool ecosystems: Potholes and vernal pools as potential indicator systems

California Vernal Pools "A collection of information and resources". Start here for any information about California vernal pools. There is timely information about the Merced vernal pool controversy and links to everywhere.

Vernal Pools: Liquid Sapphires of the Chaparral "Although typically located in flat grassy areas, the vernal pools in San Diego County can be found between stands of chamise chaparral on flat mesa tops. Decorated with round cobbles from an ancient river, these unique habitats are unlike any other vernal pools in the state."

Information for Vernal Pool Organisms:
The information on these sites is generally for specific groups of organisms, some of which utilize vernal pools.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Connecticut This is an online field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Connecticut. There are links to Connecticut mnitoring projects.

Odds and Ends:
Vernal pool articles, local references, student projects, and so on.

Oxbow Associates: Vernal Pool Ecology Oxbow Associates, an environmental consulting firm in MA, has some interesting information in the Vernal Pool Ecology and the Research sections. The rest of the site is good for finding out what an environmental consultant does.