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VernalPool Yahoo Group

The VernalPool Yahoo Group is a forum for you to discuss topics relating to vernal pools and vernal pool ecology. Messages sent to the VernalPool Group are relayed to all members. Information on subscribing is explained below.

Discussion is encouraged about scientific research, on-going vernal pool education projects at the elementary through graduate school levels, and about the first spotted salamander sightings of spring, among other things. Though originated in the glaciated northeastern US, discussion is welcome from anywhere in the world where temporary wetlands are of interest.

The group is unmoderated, but is monitored by the MA Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (www.masswildlife.org) and the Vernal Pool Association (www.vernalpool.org). It is also currently being archived, and anyone that searches the Yahoo!Groups archive will be able to find messages that were posted to vernalpool@yahoogroups.com.

You must subscribe to the listserv in order to post a message. After subscribing to the listserv you will be able to post any questions, observations, or concerns that you have relating to vernal pools, vernal pool animals, and the ecosystems that we love so much!

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to: vernalpool-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Your e-mail should have no subject or message in the body. You will receive a confirmation from yahoogroups.com that you must respond to before posting messages.

Unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to: vernalpool-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

To post a message (remember, you must be subscribed!) send an e-mail to:vernalpool@yahoogroups.com