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Books, Publications & Other Resources
Vern reads about vernal pools.

Generally speaking, one cannot have too many books (although some think I may be approaching that point). For vernal pool studies, there certainly are not enough. Only a few books are written specifically about vernal pools. After quickly exhausting those, one must move to other sources for the identification and ecology of vernal pool organisms. Below are some books which have been found useful for getting to know vernal pools and their inhabitants. This list was compiled with New England in mind. However, many of the publications have a more universal appeal and use.

Vernal Pools

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Pond Watchers GuideMassachusetts Audubon Society

Wetlands and Wetland Studies

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Vernal Pool Related Children's Books

I will recommend only the few that I own. I don't read a lot of children's books. Other people can help out here, I am sure.

John Himmelman has a ton of stuff worth considering. His website is worth checking to see the variety of his work. I have always liked A Salamander's Life and A Woodfrog's Life which you can reach from his main page.

Song of the Water Boatman by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beckie Prange (wonderful woodcuts!). Essentially, the book follows the season of the pond in whimsical poetry and imaginative art.

Frog Heaven by Doug Wechsler. The cycle of a vernal pool in text and beautiful photography.

Posters and Prints

I am aware of several vernal pool posters (I did a few of them) and some artists providing images vernal pool aficionados might enjoy. If you know of others, let the VPA know.


Massachusetts has a vernal pool poster developed by the VPA. The VPA doesn't sell it as we don't deal with mail order at this time. It might be available from MA NHESP. They also have nifty turtle posters that we did for them.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has a vernal pool poster as well as posters for turtles, snakes, and amphibians. They have other posters and information as well.

The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas has posters for snakes & lizards, turtles, salamanders and frogs. Click on "posters (for sale)".


Ethan Nedeau did the art and layout for the Maine posters mentioned above. He has prints from these posters and his other work available.

Abigail Rorer has illustrated many natural history publications. She has available for sale limited edition block prints and broadsides, many of vernal pool species and scenes.

And, since I like woodcuts so much, I'll throw in these two:

Betsy Bowen of Minnesota.

Mary Azarian of Vermont. "F is For Frog" and "Dragonfly".