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Procedure for Creating a Poster
Below is a brief explanation of the components of a poster. Click on links for more details.

Before you begin!
Before you begin a poster that you intend to send to us, you must make contact with us to be sure we are able to schedule your poster and to assure us you have the funding for your project.

The guidelines below are to provide an overview of the procedure. If you are actually doing a poster with us, please follow all the links for detailed guidance on how to proceed.

The cost to participate in the Poster Outreach Project is $350. For this fee, you receive email support throughout the project, a proof copy, return of your art, 5 laminated full-size posters, and smaller copies for each participant. The fee does not cover your local costs for materials or your mailing art and proofs to us. This cost is competitive with that of a field trip or having a specialist visit your class.

The $350 cost does not include complex posters or custom designs, if we are willing to do them, and additional copies of posters. We will let you know if your poster falls into the "complex" or "custom" catagory when you email us about your project. Very few posters fall into this category and, generally, we just refuse to do them.

Go to Funding for more details.

Choose whether your poster will be an alphabet poster or general panel format. Alphabet posters are quite popular as they provide many opportunities for creative thinking as the students find ways to fully present the topic in this familiar yet rigid format. General format posters are good for presenting a topic with more or less panels than are appropriate for an alphabet poster.

We usually decide on the color combinations, background, fonts, and other design elements for the poster. You can request to duplicate a prior poster if have seen one you like. You can suggest a color scheme or colors you would like to avoid.

Text for a poster is often different from what a student might produce for a more traditional report. For one, it must be brief because of space and design limitations and, at the same time, it should be informative and fit the topic of the poster. In most cases, about 50 words is the maximum for a panel.

We will help you to edit the text and will note any factual errors we find.

The art is the most important visual element of the poster. As such, it should be clear, colorful, and illustrative of the topic of the panel.

The original art must be no larger than 12 inches by 17 inches and all paper should be held the same way in the landscape format. The subject should be prominent in the art.

The medium used should be based on your comfort level and availability of materials. Excellent results come from water color, water color pencils, colored pencils, and various other media. The medium should be consistent throughout the project.

Unless you specify otherwise, student names on the poster are first name and last initial only. Student names usually are placed on the borders of the poster or with the individual panels. For a group project, placing names on the border is the preferred choice.

The names of teachers (classroom, art, library, volunteers) are often in the title block, if you want them on the poster. Some classes put these names in the border with the student names.

Title block
The title block will have the poster's title, the school name and town, as well as individual names as you request. You might also provide for this space an explanation of the project, art or a class photo (if appropriate for your school).

Finishing the Poster
Within two weeks of our receiving everything from you (usually sooner), you will receive your draft poster. The time for the printing of the final poster is determined by the number and type of changes needed and how quickly you react to these. Usually, the final posters are sent to you within a couple of weeks of the draft being returned. If you need the poster for a special school event, plan ahead, mail early, and keep in touch.

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