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Vern's Story is a series cartoons drawn by Doug Cowell with text written by various members of the VPA. The Story is an attempt to provide natural history tidbits about vernal pools and their organisms in a humorous manner.

Students and researchers who wish to use these cartoons to illustrate their own points in reports and PowerPoint presentations are given permission to do so. Please let us know which cartoons you are using and how you intend to use them. We provide this general permission for researchers and students for their work but not for any commercial use.

Index to Vern's Story
1. Vern's Story begins.
2. Vern joins the VPA.
3. Gone fishin'.
4. The pilgrimage.
5. Don't tread on me.
6. Don't do that!
7. Tastes like spaghetti.
8. Nice kitty.
9. Available in spring.
10. Spotted turtles.
11. Oops, wrong pool.
12. Why me?
13. Let's dance!
14. You can't see me.
15. Smile at the camera.
16. It's a snowvern.
17. Building a tunnel.
18. If you build it, will we use it?
19. The way back home.
20. "This seems familiar."

21. Radio included.
22. Off with the old.
23. Another rainy night.
24. Just chillin'.
25. "Won't you buy a T-shirt?"
26. Rock on!
27. "Add one salamander, blend."
28. Books to own.
29. Protective clothing.
30. "I slept through spring!"
31. Cold, rain, and snow.
32. Small but tasty.
33. "When I was a kid..."
34. Hair club for salamanders.
35. The early years.
36. Another piton, Pierre.
37. Contact the VPA.
38. Winter in New England.