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The Vernal Pool Association began in 1990 as an environmental outreach project at Reading Memorial High School, Reading, Massachusetts. It is now an independent group of individuals attempting to educate others about vernal pool ecology, the local environment, bio-diversity, and the protection of our resources.

Our goal is to encourage the appreciation, protection, and interdisciplinary study of vernal pools, particularly by students. To meet this objective, we produce educational materials, present workshops and talks, and interact with educators and students both in person and through the Internet. We are actively involved with state, federal and private environmental protection and education agencies and organizations. This website, "The Vernal Pool", is our on-line effort at education and outreach.

Vernal Pool Association, Inc., Board of Directors:
Leo Kenney, President
Matthew Burne, Vice-president
Camille Visconti, Treasurer
Michael McCarthy, Clerk
April Hobart
Patricia Huckery
Daphne Minner
Susan Ranney
Keith Love
Erika Whitworth