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Obligate species
Fairy shrimp Fairy Shrimp
Wood frogs Wood Frogs
Mole salamanders Mole

What Could a Vernal Pool Look Like?

Vernal pool sizes and types
Vernal pools range in size from the very small to the very large. Some pools would fit in your living room while others might have a surface area over an acre in size. All are relatively shallow and dry periodically (usually annually) or are otherwise free of fish. A typical pool might be 30 feet by 100 feet long and 3 feet in depth. Pools might be found in low areas of a forest, in the floodplain or a river or stream, within a vegetated wetland, in an open field, between coastal dunes, in abandoned quarries or natural rock formations and other areas where water might pool. Some examples of vernal pool locations are illustrated below.

Small pool in a shallow depression of a wooded area.

Large deep pool among hills of an upland forest.

Pool formed by a flooded meadow.

Riparian pool which fills with the annual high water of the river.

Coastal pond on Cape Cod.

Vernal pool in a vegetated wetland.

Vernal pool in an old quarry site.

Vernal pool in a red maple swamp.